“Byron is a serious artist, and an asset to any musical organization.”
– Francisco Chahin-Casanova; Tenor, Metropolitan Opera

“Has a very beautiful lyric tenor voice and sang the cycle like the great artists of the past.”reviews
-Hudson Register Star. Review for “Dichterleibe”.

“A brilliant, beautiful, ringing lyric tenor voice, delivered with generous and unabashedly ardent lyricism. Byron is a charming colleague who is always a pleasure to work with. An uncompromising artist who is always searching for artistic truth.”
-Brian Holman. Conductor, Regina Opera

“Byron Singleton possesses a tenor voice of great beauty and fluidity.”
-Ira Siff. Voice teacher/interpretive coach; stage director; Weekly Commentator, Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts.

“The purity of his voice was combined with the full expression of the poetry.”
-Hudson Register Star.

“Mr. Singleton’s beautiful, full-lyric tenor voice is appropriate for a wide range of repertoire.”
-Roger Malouf. Assistant Conductor, Metropolitan Opera.

“He sang beautifully, with the musical effect rare in any age.”
-Hudson Register Star.